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About Digital Art / Hobbyist Premium Member ~Sir Catty Luscious Mintgum~17/Male/United States Groups :iconxxocsattheirbestxx: XxOCsAtTheirBestxX
All OCs welcome!
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oooh look! stuff!

but bare in mind...Can't Draw Humans Stamp by Blackie0275 OuO I try sometimes though... good thing catty aint human, his body has no normal proportions! <u< its a doodle demon thing...


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Random Favourites

mmmm~ so many amazing community masterpieces~

community gifts~

Well Wringed Cat by Lolocator Cat and Sheep by Jojuki happy b-day by amberpretty17 Another Question!! by AskJuliaOC XxGift for CattyMintgumxX by Muffinz01
GIFT - Pixel Catty by SkyHighFae Mint Gum by taskimosaki Catty Cake -Gift- by SandDragonCypher Baited by Lolocator Wringing the Catty by SandDragonCypher Tom and Catty by Lolocator :thumb370015692: Bee art request by taskimosaki CS3: Beeanca x Elliott by catfinite Crack pairings(2) by DarkishStarNight
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:thumb433768727: Request: Princess Sparkie by DarkishStarNight Happy birthday Catty! by KSBreaker (Request2) Very 'Hot' by Muffinz01 Princess Amber by BlazeEduardo4
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Requests by AskAaronthatdemon Big Mouth by Ask-LanternPrincess [Req-Catty-Mintgum] Princess Sparkie by KuraisInspiration


moon .gif by Ask-Owl-Princess

an incredible piece, Never in my life have I seen such amazing animation,so smooth and perfect, Pixar has nothing on this, the colors u...

Woo!~ New bike! by KuraisInspiration

the fantastic pure quality of this wonderful metal wonder shows pure amazing quality and the power of how men work! riding it along the...

here is what I think of these masterpieces!... :iconarrowupplz:

my life explained in gifs from the internets... :iconarrowdownplz:

good morning! *is 3 pm*
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me replying to a text message in a public place
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whats that?...your doing what tonight?...
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=u= me in school...
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the girl I have a crush on walks down the same hall as me...
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dinner time!~
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replying to comments...
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RP time!
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ooh...that's just...e.o...ummm...yeah this one speaks for itself...

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This was a triumph. I'm making a note here: huge success.
Sun Jul 6, 2014, 9:53 PM
Wanna build an Iceman?
Mon Jun 2, 2014, 10:42 AM
Sun Jun 1, 2014, 3:49 PM
OIBUGugvuovugcbilbnlhrbkrjnkcnbkgvhlkjnbljhbhbbhbnejnejbgebbeigyeoege epenislkbhovbbr
Thu May 22, 2014, 12:58 PM
it is the shout box that nobody ever uses o3o
Sat May 17, 2014, 10:29 PM
Tue May 6, 2014, 5:42 PM

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Admin Corner: 30000 page views and a bubble buddy!

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 16, 2014, 9:18 PM
wow!...:iconshaplz: thank you guys so much for the views!...>u< it really means a lot to me<3...I love you all!... ;v; sure to check out this amazing new person! :iconask-thebubblewitch: <3 U v U/ 

  • Mood: Neglect
  • Listening to: wind
  • Reading: your mind! ;D
  • Watching: pokemon
  • Playing: wawa
  • Eating: chacha
  • Drinking: water


~Sir Catty Luscious Mintgum~
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Alice pagedoll by Keimichi Welcome to Catty's page!<3
hello :icontinoplz: im catty mintgum o.o yeah yeah its a funny name... I am 16=7 years old and im shy *blushes* sooo thats all i gota say =O x3 chow! <3
my old deviantart account was ampharos101 =o but i forgot my password and I felt the need to start over!

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My Tumblr!

this would usually say im in Garrys Mod, that's because I leave it open because it takes a while to load, UuU im here on DA 24/ feel free to rp with me and stuff...o3o just don't be too boring!...

alternative text

OLD ACCOUNT :iconampharos101:

favorite colors: blue,white,purple,yellow,red,black,green
favorite art style: anime and monsters!
favorite food: sushi :iconyummyplz:
favorite food type: spicy :heart: spicy :heart: cha cha cha!
height: 5 foot 6 and a half ;p
species: doodle demon neko
Sexual Orientation: bi (but prefers girls 75% more)
age: 117 (17 in demon years )
status: in love with engaged with Semira :iconmiyuki4117:
hates: bugs, mean people, asparagus...x.p bleh!
loves: nice people, helping others, being sweet, drawing, RPing, chatting with my bff Rebecca xD
ultimate weakness:very veryyyy shy and so so quite, very ticklish hips and belly, and paint tinter
favorite time of the year: winter ^u^

catchphrase: "Im a demon~ what do you expect? UuU"

behavior: catty's behavior: catty acts very kid like in nature, he considers himself 17 even though hes really over 100 years old, he is quite perverted and very silly most of the time and loves to squish people with his tf skills, he also loves to be dominate, he considers himself the best and has to much pride! but behind all this hes a lovable, shy, and outgoing boy, hes quite lonely too, he lives in his home with his pet fish named fishy! he can talk but really never plays with catty....catty hopes someday to find a amazing friend and perhaps someone even closer.....he also blushes alot! x#3


~Harold Candycane~ by Catty-Mintgum
Sarah lollipop!~ by Catty-Mintgum
~Randy Bubblegum~ by Catty-Mintgum
Princess Sparkie!~ by Catty-Mintgum
Princess Amber!~ by Catty-Mintgum
Princess Poloiane!~ by Catty-Mintgum
~Beeanca the Bee Warrior!~ by Catty-Mintgum
~The Amazing Jenny Magic!~ by Catty-Mintgum
~Briana Hoppiwiggle~ by Catty-Mintgum
~Meia Nyapur~ by Catty-Mintgum


~Ashly Gumdrop~ by Catty-Mintgum

Gardevoir-mega by CreepyJellyfish <--- :iconmyfeelzplz: :heart: gotta love mega gardevoir<3

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oh wait...silly me :3 heres more infooooo!

amazing stamps from the amazing community! :iconcuteblushplz:
Vocaloid: Miku Stamp by cinyu Rainbow Dash Stamp 2 by Kevfin Lugia Fan Stamp by Drake09 :thumb172205086: I Heart Katamari Stamp by Busiris
Gardevoir stamp commission by Lezrachez Pinkie Pie - Cupcakes? by JazyKuun 530 - Excadrill by Marlenesstamps Ratchet and Clank Stamp by nakashimariku :thumb166861130:
Amphy :heart: Stamp Final by A9er9erWOLF Sing Hatsune Miku Stamp by Mimisuzu Rosalina fan stamp by Tea-Strawberry Banjo-Kazooie Stamp by silveramysaurus07 I :heart: Lego Stamp by ladyshaniique08
Male Lopunny Stamp by OshawottGirl Spore Stamp by parallellogic Sushi Stamp by Fluffntuff Vector Fan Stamp by Karmarsi-Kedamoki Lucky Star Miyuki Stamp by xxChihiroSan
MedievalStoryShipping Stamp by S-Laughtur Skylanders Cynder Stamp by RadSpyro King Stamp (UPDATED VERSION) by ToaJahli Oh jeez another Rayman stamp by Spanex
Flashwing Stamp by RadSpyro Turbo-Tastic Wreck-It Ralph Stamp by RadSpyro Nyan Cat stamp by YukiMiyasawa :thumb261893272:
Skylander Spyro Stamp by RadSpyro Request: Camo Stamp by RadSpyro SHUT YOUR MOUTH! - Wreck-It Ralph Stamp by Dry-Rowseroopa Lola Stamp by GeminiGirl83
Groudon Stamp by Itzagual Boo Stamp by xSheepi Konata stamp by xselfdestructive :thumb67629078:
Garry's Mod Stamp by TheRealBlack DO A BARREL ROLL by Neitsuke Little Big Planet 2 stamp by sapphii Rainbow Dash Cupcake Nyan by Icaron

pokemon cosplays so far~

pokemon cosplay fun time - delcatty! by Catty-Mintgum pokemon cosplay fun time - Ampharos! by Catty-Mintgum

pokemon cosplay fun time - Ninfia! by Catty-Mintgum pokemon cosplay fun time - Druddigon! by Catty-Mintgum

alternative text

awesome pokemon~ (not made by me o3o )
Delcatty Sprite by Beavercop Ampharos Sprite by HotBlackAngel Flygon Sprite by HotBlackAngel Charizard Sprite by HotBlackAngel
Gardevoir sprite GIF by InfernoNick Gallade Unova Sprite by NaruLovesGallade Dragonair by Sageraziel Roserade animated sprite by xXYoiteShindouXx
Mewtwo by Sageraziel Lopunny Sprite by ZeBollocks Krookodile BW Animation by Sanity-Eclipse Haxorus sprite GIF by InfernoNick
Hydreigon spirte by bloodspattercrow Darmanitan Sprite by ShadowWan Aggron Sprite by HotBlackAngel Nidoking by Sageraziel
Metagross Black-White Sprite by Midnight-Zaffer Gliscor BW sprite by Chilli-Peppahh Milotic Sprite by Beavercop SERPERIOR by Omi06
644 Zekrom by MoonshineShifter 643 Reshiram by MoonshineShifter Tornadus sprite by LegendKyurem97 Landorus sprite by LegendKyurem97
Thundurus sprite by LegendKyurem97 Regirock Sprite by Cireliin Bouffalant Sprite by imrandomwashere Tyranitar Sprite. by devonxxdoomsday
Electivire sprite GIF by InfernoNick :thumb422573319: Feraligatr by Sageraziel Moltres Black-White Sprite by Midnight-Zaffer
Rhydon by Sageraziel Salamence!!!!! by TheRaptorLolz .: Infernape :. by Nocturnally-BlessedSwampert Sprite by Harmonic-Anarchist
Typhlosion sprite GIF by InfernoNick Blastoise by Sageraziel Gengar by Sageraziel venasaur Black and White Sprite by Pokemon-D-P-Elite-4

Be sure to check out my fakemon collection!

alternative text


Its safe to say im a GIF-A-HOLIC!

alternative text

SIMPLY ADORABLE! >u< I love Nintendo stuff!

alternative text

:iconohoho-plz: I'm quite perverted sometimes...

alternative text

rub a dub dub~...o///3///o;;;...

alternative text
You will Obey meee~...U3U Obeyyy~...Obeyyy~...

Where Is Everyone?.. 

7 deviants said Busy...o3o
6 deviants said Ignoring ya~ U v U
1 deviant said Back to School ;3;


Jul 23, 2014
9:35 am
Jul 23, 2014
8:48 am
Jul 23, 2014
8:38 am
Jul 23, 2014
7:52 am
Jul 23, 2014
6:59 am



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